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May 27, 2017

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

The five W’s. There’s no better way to get to know me and story behind this blog.

Who?  Like my blog’s sidebar says, my name is Christine and I’m a creator/maker/DIYer. My mind is constantly filled with ideas, some of which I forget as soon as a new idea pops into my head. This limited brain capacity appears to be the result of being a mama of a boundary-pushing preschooler and a curious toddler who thinks she’s 10. Thank goodness for the Notes app on my smartphone. I eat to stay sane so you’ll find my pantry stocked with anything from Trader Joe’s and lots of chips.

What?  This blog is my space to share my crafting/creating passion. I love taking ideas in my head and physically or visually creating them into actual pieces. As you may have already seen in the previous posts, my Silhouette CAMEO machine is my best friend. My goal is to share creative projects for both beginner and seasoned crafters. Did you know I had my Silhouette CAMEO sitting in a box for nearly four months because I was terrified of learning how to use it?! Yes, there is a learning curve but so does everything else in this life, right? I hope to bridge this gap in some sort of Silhouette 101 series down the road so stay tuned for that! Other things you will see on this blog are project tutorials, graphic design, printables, and everyone’s favorite…freebies! 😀

Where? I live in sunny San Diego where we are famous for fish tacos but not major league sports. I have a craft space…in the kitchen. Yup, that’s right. This mama can cook, bake, craft, keep an eye on the kids who have their eyes on the TV…all in one space. Truthfully, my original craft room became my son’s big boy bedroom which is A-OK with me because kids sleeping comfortably and through the night is pretty high on my priority list. #momgoals

When?  I started crafting at a young age because you get bored as little kid (only child) with not many toys. No toys, no problem. I tried making my own marble runs with toilet paper rolls (my mom wasn’t too thrilled I would use wads of toilet paper just to get to the roll). I didn’t even know I was scrapbooking until the mother of my college boyfriend (now husband) said it when I gave him a goodbye “yearbook” after our first year in college. That, my friends, was the point of no return.  🙂

Why?  So, this actually isn’t my first craft blog. I abandoned my first blog when baby number 1 came along. I was in the trenches as a first time mom. Fast forward four years and a lot has changed. Baby number 1 is no longer a baby and keeps me busy (read: he no longer naps!). Baby number 2 joined the circus family. In January of this year, I quit my nine-year A&E marketing career. Despite all these changes, one thing always remained and it was my desire to create and craft. After my not-quite-mid-life crisis resigning in January, I submitted an application to become a member of the Silhouette Design Team. Folks, I prepared that application like it was a Harvard college application. Those long hours paid off because I was accepted and am now a member of the 2017-2018 Silhouette Design Team! Woohoo Christine but what does this mean? This means I will be a blog contributor at Silhouette’s Blog writing 1-2 posts per month starting next month! If you follow me on Instagram, I will let you know when my guest blog post is up.

If you are already following me on Instagram, you will have noticed more craft-related posts so #sorrynotsorry Even though I have a somewhat loose affiliation with Silhouette, I have always been a huge promoter of their products, specifically the CAMEO cutting machine. This year would be my fourth year using it and I have made so many fun, one-of-a-kind, and practical creations! I can’t wait to try new projects and share them all with you! 🙂



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